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How To Get Final Cut Pro X For Free On Mac - Easy (Voice Tutorial)
How To Get Final Cut Pro X For Free On Mac - Easy (Voice Tutorial)
How To Get Final Cut Pro X For Free On Mac - Easy (Voice Tutorial)
How To Get Final Cut Pro X For Free On Mac - Easy (Voice Tutorial)
How To Get Final Cut Pro X For Free On Mac - Easy (Voice Tutorial)
How To Get Final Cut Pro X For Free On Mac - Easy (Voice Tutorial)
Final Cut Pro X includes the key sound editing and color grading features from Final Cut Studio, so now you can use a single application for the entire post-production workflow. Do even more with Motion and Compressor, also available from the Mac App Store.

With a visual simplicity that reveals powerful professional tools just when you need them, the Magnetic Timeline in Final Cut Pro offers an exceptionally fluid, flexible way to edit. Assemble shots with ease as clips "magnetically" close up to eliminate unwanted black gaps in the timeline. Similarly, clips move out of the way to avoid clip collisions and sync problems, so you can focus on creating your story.

Interactive animations show you exactly what's happening in the timeline as you work, so you can easily try out new ideas.
Clip Connections are an easy way to place clips such as B-roll, sound effects, and music in the timeline so that they all move together as you make changes — even in the most complex projects. Final Cut Pro automatically creates a Clip Connection when you drag a secondary element to the timeline.

Whether you're doing a fast assembly or precise trimming, you can edit with confidence, knowing that Clip Connections keep everything together. It's particularly easy to reorganize your story as you work, because you can move a section of your project in a single step. Clear visual connections make it easy to hand off a project to another editor or to resume editing at a later date.
Compound Clips
Say goodbye to timeline clutter.

With Compound Clips, you can group a complex set of elements and collapse them into a single clip. This removes clutter from the timeline and creates a simplified version of the segment that's easy to move or duplicate. Reuse a Compound Clip in other projects — for example, for a unique sound design with layered sound effects. Or use a Compound Clip to add an effect to multiple shots with a click. Step into a Compound Clip or expand it at any time to make changes to individual elements.

64-bit architecture
No longer restricted to the 4GB limit of 32-bit applications, Final Cut Pro uses all the RAM in your system to handle larger frame sizes and keep more frames in memory. You can now create more extensive projects and work with deeper, more interesting multilayered effects.

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