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Is off-camera flash still something that causes you trouble? Do you find yourself constantly chimping your camera LCD and making adjustments for every shot you take? Does mixing flash with sunlight cause you nightmares?

If you want to become a master of off-camera flash, join us for this free live video webinar sponsored by Sekonic. Host Joe Brady will take us through the process of controlling off-camera flash for both interior portraits and for adding fill-light to outside shots. With just one flash, a light meter and a pair of PocketWizard radio triggers you can get consistent and beautiful results every time.

Joe will also show how some basic light shaping tools can change the look of your lighting and how much control you have over the quality and shape of the light. If you're not yet a master of off-camera flash, this will be time well spent.

Equipment List:
Sekonic L-478DR
X-Rite ColorChecker Passport with Sekonic Gray Card
PocketWizard PlusX
PocketWizard Plus III
Profoto Softbox RFi 1.3x2
Benro Travel Angel II Series Carbon Fiber Tripod
Sony a-99 Camera with 24-70mm lens
Sony Flash