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Want to pipe Dynamic and Streaming Video to your Flash Builder/Flex 4.6 & 4.7 Mobile Applications? Want a "Custom Video Player" that hides behind a PayWall or Subscription System...and allows YOU to Make Money From Your Streaming Videos? Then SwitcHHat's New Instructional Series on "Mobile Apps & Video Streaming Strategies" is what you need.

Watch as we use the Amazing Flash Builder/Flex 4.6 & 4.7 framework, and Adobe Air 3.4 - Flash Player 11.4 to build, package, and deploy a Native Air App that Flawlessly Streams Video to Any smartphone or tablet.

In successive tutorials, software architect Craig Workman, will lead through the process of building your very own "Custom Video Player", set up your own streaming video server for pennies, build a paywall or subscription service that makes you money on your video content....and then deploy your new mobile app to the Markets!!

Final episodes will have some Exciting "BONUS MATERIAL", teaching you how to quickly convert your newly built mobile app...to a Dynamic Web App, and Even a Smart TV app for viewing at home!

Stay tuned for more Great Tutorials from SwitcHHat SMA!